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Conferences and Events

Diggi17 – Entering the next level of learning

Conference 27-29 September 2017

Digitalisation is changing society at all levels. Artificial intelligence alone has recently taken a huge step forward, creating completely new jobs in the future. It is therefore necessary to prepare pupils for this environment. In addition to investing in the infrastructure of schools, we need concepts on how lessons will have to look like in the light of these completely changed framework conditions. This already begins with the training of future teachers. In 2017, the Centre for Teacher Education's conference "Digitisation meets Teacher Education" dealt with how the education system needs to be adapted in order to meet the requirements of the information age and how lessons can be redesigned. The actors and participants discussed trends and concepts with experts from schools, universities, business, politics, and the media.

Key aspects:

  • #education
  • #brain
  • #work&play

Lighthouse Leadership 2018

The Centre for Teacher Education's event series "Lighthouse Leadership 2" dealt with the complex topic of "leadership". Many of the characteristics that account for a good teacher correspond to those demanded by managers in organisations and companies whose role has also changed in recent years. To take on a leadership role in a company today means to pick up on changes quickly, to have an overview of a hardly calculable market and to be able to convince a self-confident team. In short: to be visionary. In addition, especially in young organisations, doubts about the sense of leadership are growing constantly. Teachers now have to master a multitude of tasks as well – passing on knowledge to young people is only one of them. They have to motivate and inspire pupils, mediate between and guide them. For this they need competences such as empathy, enthusiasm and flexibility. The Centre for Teacher Education and its guests discussed with experts from schools, universities and business what leadership means today, whether there are alternative approaches that make organisations and companies successful and what schools can learn from companies about leadership.

  • 22/23 March 2018, Conference: Beyond Limits. Open Borders in School and Teacher Education.
  • 20 April 2018, Session 1: Neuroplay: Leadership and Trust. Science and School Meet Improvised Theatre.
  • 8 June 2018, Session 2: Failure Friday. In love with failure.
  • 7 September 2018, Session 3: Female Leadership. Gendering STEM.
  • 21 September 2018, Outdoor Session: Natural Leadership. Leadership in the encounter with horses.
  • 16 November 2018, Session 4: Open Space. New and participative leadership thinking.
  • 7 December 2018, Session 5: "We want people to grow." Systemic Organisational Development.

Future19 – Future School

Conference 28-30 August 2019

There is much discussion about schools, be it about the impending shortage of teachers or the planned digital pact. In the future, however, it will not only be a question of what techniques are used in schools or how the lack of educators can be countered, but also what content is taught and what methods are used to adequately prepare pupils for new occupations and social demands. What social trends are emerging? What effects does this have on the education system? And how can we actively control developments? This will be discussed by experts from science, business, schools, politics and the media in August 2019 at the Future19-conference at the University of Cologne.

Key aspects:

  • # Gender Leadership
  • # Digital education
  • # Participation in education & Equal opportunities
  • # Work, economy, markets
  • # Educational spaces (Inspiration Field)