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Eignungsreflexion in der ersten Praxisphase des Lehramtsstudiums (ErPeL)

Aptitude Reflection during the Aptitute and Orientation Internship

Students who have doubts about the choice of their studies, asking themselves whether they really want to become a teacher, are often late in making their final decision. In most cases they are not aware of professional alternatives and do not dare to talk about their doubts. With the reform of the Teacher Training Act 2016, it is the universities' task to integrate aptitude reflection into the practical phases of teacher training. The Centre for Teacher Education has therefore launched this project: aptitude reflection in the first practical phase of teacher training. In this project, specific accompanying seminars are offered for the aptitude and orientation internship. This seminar offers students the opportunity to deal intensively with their career choice decision. The five-week internship is the first practical phase in the Bachelor's degree course and an ideal framework for this project, as it takes place very early during the students' studies. Since the winter semester 2017/18, new aptitude-reflective elements have been tested and evaluated in two accompanying seminars. Students are also given the opportunity of a so called 360-degree feedback and can then participate in a coaching-based counselling interview.

Cooperation partner

  • Central Student Advisory Centre of the University of Cologne

Project duration

  • 10/2017-09/2019

Project Management

Dr.' Maria Boos

Room 1.12
Tel: +49 221 470-1142
Email: maria.boos(at)uni-koeln.de