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Blended Learning Tool: Veränderung in Schule

Blended Learning Tool: Change in School

Many teacher students develop ideas during their studies about how to shape schools differently, whether they want to break new ground in teaching design, use new formats and techniques in teaching, or strive for another form of exchange and collaboration with their colleagues. In the professional life of teachers, these ideas often fail because of reality. In cooperation with the German Economy Foundation, the Centre for Teacher Education has developed a blended learning seminar on "effective change in schools", in order to provide students with opportunities to implement their plans successfully. The project started in the winter semester 2018/19 as a pilot with the Foundation with scholarship holders who are studying to become teachers at the University of Cologne. Blended Learning is an integrated teaching concept that combines the multimedia networking possibilities available today with classical learning methods. The students work in a team on a school development project. For this purpose, teaching and learning materials on the topics "System and organisation of schools", "Project management", "Evaluation methods", "Methods for cooperation", "Possibilities, creation and evaluation of digital learning materials", "Design of changes (change management)" and "Fundamentals of communication and discussion techniques" are available to them freely and platform-independently as open educational resources. The learning materials were developed by the Centre for Teacher Education. On the basis of the pilot project, study modules are to be developed for all teacher training students.

Cooperation partner

  • Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft / German Economy Foundation

Pilot phase

  • 10/2018-03/2019
  • Participating students: 9

Project Management

Dr.' Alexandra Habicher

Room 2.13
Tel: +49 221 470-8672
Email: a.habicher(at)uni-koeln.de