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Evaluation Praxissemester

Evaluation Internship Semester

In order to be able to design, adapt and further develop the internship semester concept of the Educational Region Cologne as sensibly as possible, the introduction of the internship semester is supported by three evaluation and accompanying research projects. The Centre for Teacher Education acts as a central planning and coordination office.

1. Process evaluation

The implementation of the internship semester concept in the Educational Region Cologne is examined in an accompanying process evaluation. The aim of this study is to generate information and assessments on the various aspects of the internship semester concept in this region. This includes, among other things, reviewing the organisational structure and the concepts used (research-based learning, blended learning, portfolio, learning group work). Furthermore, the clarification of the actors' understanding of their roles and needs should provide information on the prerequisites and conditions for success.

2. Accompanying scientific study

The accompanying scientific study "Analysis of the Internship Semester: Pilot Study on Learning Effectiveness in the Educational Region Cologne - Competence Development of Students" evaluates the extent to which students' competences develop through their participation in the internship semester. The longitudinal study focuses on the question of how the different learning contexts of university, Centre for Teacher Education and school practice can be linked in such a way that they optimally support the students' acquisition of competences.

Responsible persons Prof. Dr. Johannes König (Chair for Empirical School Research and Managing Director of IZef) and Myrle Dziak-Mahler (Executive Director of Centre for Teacher Education)

Project duration: October 2014 - December 2016

3. Study on the research-oriented study project

In a qualitative accompanying study to the research-oriented study project, which students have to complete in the internship semester, it is examined how students experience and assess the demanding learning concept in the internship semester. From the results, the project team will draw conclusions that will help to optimise the concept of the study project.

Project Management

Dr. Claus Dahlmanns

Room 3.07
Tel: +49 221 470-7963
Email: claus.dahlmanns(at)uni-koeln.de