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LESEPUNKTE (Online Review Platform for Pupils)

The project LESEPUNKTE is an online review journal in which pupils review current children's and youth literature under the guidance of teachers. It was founded in 2006 by the Chair of Early Modern History at the University of Cologne and the Chair of Middle and Modern Art History at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. Since 2015, the Centre for Teacher Education is responsible for the project, cooperating with more than 30 schools and about 50 publishing houses nationwide. The cooperation schools receive free review copies from the publishers, which are made available by the project staff. In work and project groups, the pupils deal with the books, learn to question, shape and develop standards of value on various topics. They write their own reviews and conduct author interviews, which are published on the online platform of the project.

Cooperation partners

  • 50 partner publishers, university and city library, litKid.cologne
  • Number of cooperating schools: over 30
  • Number of reviews: over 280

Project Management

Dr.' Gesine Boesken

Room 3.07
Tel: +49 221 470-3404
Email: gesine.boesken(at)uni-koeln.de