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Netzwerk Inklusion

Network Inclusion

Members of the University of Cologne meet twice a semester to discuss how to implement inclusion in teacher education. The Centre for Teacher Education initiated the founding in 2016. Since 2019 the subproject "Studium inclusive" of the Future Strategy Teacher Education has been organizing the network.

Network Inclusion is designed as an open network in order to allow different stakeholders to participate at any time. Among other things, it deals with the competencies that prospective teachers need to teach increasingly heterogeneous classes as well as with the realisation of an inclusion-oriented teaching in educational sciences.

Founding members

  • Centre for Teacher Education / Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung (ZfL)
  • Future Strategy Teacher Education / Zukunftsstrategie Lehrer*innenbildung (ZuS)
  • Chair for Educational Aid and Social-Emotional Development Support / Lehrstuhl für Erziehungshilfe und sozial-emotionale Entwicklungsförderung
  • Learning Workshop within Network Media at the Faculty of Human Sciences / Lernwerkstatt im Netzwerk Medien der Humanwissenschaftlichen Fakultät
  • Inclusive University School Cologne / Inklusive Universitätsschule der Stadt Köln
  • EducationalSpaceProject school is open / BildungsRaumProjekt school is open

Further Members

  • Centre for Teaching in Higher Education / Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik (ZHD)
  • Service Centre for Disabilities and Academic Studies / Servicezentrum für Behinderung und Studium