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International Voices on Education

Does becoming a teacher mean becoming a teacher? What if it's not the same in different parts of the world? Are you interested in the voices of students, teachers and lecturers from around the world? As part of the UNITE-project, we are collecting perspectives on different topics in teacher education. What means … in schools and teacher education for you? You can check out international voices on education here.

Sustainability in teacher education means to me …

We are happy to announce the second round of our #internationalvoices!

In our second video we are interested in your opinion on sustainability in teacher education! If you want to participate, take out your mobile phone, your computer, or any device which has a recording function, find a bright and quiet spot without surrounding noise, put yourself into focus and press the record button. Please start the sentence with "Sustainability in teacher education means to me …" Feel free to say whatever comes to your mind. You can drop some adjectives or you can also put your thoughts in a couple of sentences. Please make sure your clip is no longer than 90 seconds.

Please send your short video to Moritz Bonenkamp (m.bonenkampSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de) until Monday, 28. March 2022. If the file is too big, you can use the following link for the upload: https://uni-koeln.sciebo.de/s/l2QQVzEtol7ko09. We will then create our 2nd video with all the different contributions and upload it here and to YouTube.

Key facts for the video:

  • Search for a bright and quite spot

  • Video settings: portrait or landscape format are both fine, just make sure we can see your head and shoulders.

  • Clip should be around 30-90 seconds

  • Minimum of 360pixel

  • Please name the file with your name and the name of your university

  • Please send your short video to Moritz Bonenkamp (m.bonenkampSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de) or upload it here

We are looking forward to numerous contributions from students as well as colleagues from your universities.

For me a good teacher is...

Thank you for telling us what you think! We created our first small video on the topic of education. For this, we needed you and your statements.