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Digital Tandem Teaching

One main aim of our UNITE-project is the internationalisation of teacher education at our universities, even at a time when mobility is only possible to a very limited extent. We are constantly striving to create and strengthen a successful worldwide network in teacher education for students and colleagues from all institutions.

We strongly believe that internationalisation can and has to be advanced even without traveling and meeting face-to-face. Therefore, one of our goals is to establish possibilities to intensify a virtual cooperation and exchange between students and staff.  

Consequently, we would like to set up and support joint lectures or seminars of colleagues from our UNITE-network.
We would be delighted if you were also interested in doing a seminar (or just parts of it) together with colleagues from a UNITE-university.

Interested in doing a tandem teaching seminar?

Please fill in the short questionnaire if you are. This will be the basis for bringing thematically suitable colleagues into contact

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