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University Network for Internationalisation in Teacher Education Cologne

UNITE Cologne

The University of Cologne would like to use the "Internationalisation of Teacher Training" funding programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to strengthen the successful establishment and expansion of worldwide and teacher training related university partnerships with a focus on multidisciplinary cooperation with the Project UNITE Cologne.

The Center for Teacher Education (ZfL), the Department International Mobility and the teacher educating faculties are jointly developing the University Network for Internationalisation in Teacher Education Cologne (UNITE). Existing partnerships lay the foundation for the expansion of a new university-wide network in teacher education at our university. The structured recognition of academic achievement during the stay abroad will make it more effective for students from all teaching professions. The starting point for these considerations is consequently the preparation, support and follow-up of the stay abroad as well as the internationalisation at home.

The main aim of the project UNITE Cologne is to create a cross-faculty and cross-phase structure, visible and attractive for students, colleagues and potential new partner universities. The interesting task is to design an offer suitable for all student teachers and at the same time to use university partnerships across subjects and teaching professions. For this purpose, the implementation of the following measures is planned.

Aims of UNITE Cologne

  • Measure 1: Establishment of interdepartmental coordination at the Center for Teacher Education to bundle international activities in teacher training courses and to (further) develop an overall strategy for the internationalisation of teacher training at the University.
  • Measure 2: Expansion and creation of (new) university and school partnerships in the (different) teacher training courses.
  • Measure 3: Implementation of an intercultural preparation of the stays abroad in the teaching profession.
  • Measure 4: Increasing the number of outgoing students by means of an accompanied scholarship programme, organized by the ZfL and the Department International Mobility.
  • Measure 5: Strengthening and expansion of offers in the field of internationalisation at home.
  • Measure 6: Summer School teacher training.
  • Action 7: Strengthen the existing inter-faculty and inter-institutional guidance and information services.

Partner Universities of UNITE Cologne

UNITE Cologne Scholarships

You are studying to become a teacher and interested in a semester abroad with an internship? Apply for a stay abroad at one of our partner universities in Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam or Namibia.